Business Areas

Capital Markets

BR Partners advises its clients with capital raising with local and international investors. Acts in the structuring and distribution of financial products specifically developed in accordance to each client’s needs.

With a high level of efficiency and agility, BR Partners participates actively during the whole structuring process, in order to efficiently advise its clients in different market conditions.

BR Partners counts with a dedicated team prepared to assist companies and their shareholders in all stages of the process, in order to ensure a successful process and sustainable in long term.

Selected Transactions


Helbor  (March 2019): Bank Credit Certificate. Value: R$ 20 mm

RNI  (February  2019): Commercial Mortgage- Backed Securities. Value: R$ 110 mm


BRF (December 2018): Commercial Mortgage- Backed Securities. Value: R$ 159 mm

Aptiv (November 2018): Real Estate Credit Certificate issued by BRV 08 Empreendimentos Imobiliários Ltda. Value: R$ 16 mm

Ciplan Cimentos (November 2018): Bank Credit Certificate. Value: R$ 50 mm

Helbor (November 2018): Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities. Value: R$ 188 mn

ICON  Realty (July 2018): Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities. Value: R$ 250 mn

CER Energia (May 2018): 1st Issue of Simple Debentures, Non-Convertible into Shares with Real Guaratee of Centrais Eólicas Assuruá I SPE S.A. Value: R$ 35 mn

Rio Ave (May 2018): Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities. Value: R$ 86 mn

RNI (May 2018): Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities. Value: R$ 80 mn

JCC (February 2018): Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities. Value: R$ 220 mn


GrupoCB (December 2017): Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities. Value: R$ 500 mn

Souza Cruz (October 2017): Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities. Value: R$ 26 mn

Souza Cruz (September 2017): Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities. Value: R$ 176 mn

Helbor (May 2017): Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities. Value: R$ 100 mn

Air Liquide S/A (March 2017): Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities. Value: R$ 20 mn


Parque Shopping Barueri (November 2016): Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities of the 71st and 72nd Series of the 1st Issue of Habitasec Securitizadora S/A. Backed in Bank Credit Notes issued by Parque Shopping Barueri. Value: R$ 62.5 mn

Rodobens Negócios Imobiliários S/A (September 2016): Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities of the 377th Series of the 1st Issue of the Brazilian Securities Securitization Company. Backed in Real Estate Credit Notes assigned by Rodobens Negócios Imobiliários S/A. Value: R$ 70 mn

Air Liquide S/A (September 2016): Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities of the 2nd Series of the 4th ISEC Securitizadora S.A .. Backed in Real Estate Credit Notes assigned by Air Liquide S/A. Value: R$ 32 mn

Log-In Logística Intermodal S/A (September 2016): 1st Issue of Simple Debentures, Non-Convertible into Shares of the Unsecured Type, with Additional Real Guarantee, with Subscription Warrants, in a Single Series, for Public Distribution with Restricted Distribution Efforts, of Log-In Logística Intermodal S/A. Value: R$ 41.5 mn

Air Liquide S/A (January 2016): Loan-Bridge for Acquisition of Industrial Property in the Sale & Leaseback Modality. Atypical rental of Air Liquide S/A. Value: R$ 25 mn


CCAB (November 2015): DSecured Non-Convertible Debenture of CCAB Agro S.A. Value: R$ 42.0mn

FM Logistic – BRC Securitizadora S/A (July 2015): Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities of the 4th series from the 2nd issue of BRC Securitizadora S/A. Value: R$ 62.0 mn

Grupo Localfrio (July 2015): Convertible Unsecured Debenture of Localfrio Armazéns Gerais Frigoríficos S.A. Value: 62.0 mn

Ativas Data Center S.A. (June 2015): Secured Non-Convertible Debenture with Additional Guarantee Pledged by Shareholders of Ativas Data Center S.A. Value: R$ 73.0 mn

Atlântico Sul Hotel – Habitasec Securitizadora S.A. (June 2015): Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities of the 43rd series from the 1st issue of Habitasec Securitizadora. Value: R$ 21.9 mn

Damha – Barigui Securitizadora S.A. (January 2015): Mortgage-Backed Securities of the 21st series from the 1st issue of Barigui Securitizadora S.A. Value: R$ 18.6 mn




Nova Dimensão – Brazilian Securities (September 2014): Mortgage-Backed Securities of the 346th and 347th series from the 1st issue of Brazilian Securities Cia de Securitização backed by Real Estate Credits assigned by Nova Dimensão. Value: R$ 62.4 mn

Allianz – Brazilian Securities (April 2014): Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities of the 340th series from the 1st issue of Brazilian Securities. Backed by credits from the Rental Agreement of Allianz. Value: R$ 39.5 mn

Upcon Incorporadora – Brazilian Securities (January 2014): Lead underwriter on the issue of MBS backed by real estate credits assigned by Upcon Incorporadora S/A. Value: R$ 17.9 mn





BMG – Ápice Securitizadora (November 2013): Lead underwriter on the issue of CMBS backed by the rental agreement of Banco BMG. Value: R$ 67.7 mn

Login Logística – Dow  (November 2013): Lead underwriter on the issue of MBS backed by Built-to-Suit credits owed by Log-in Logística Intermodal and ensured by Dow Chemical. Value: R$ 19.8 mn